Why does e-commerce website security matter?

Take it this way:

You have a store in a particular location. People walk in the store, do their shopping and leave without processing their payment. Or else, fake payments are the usual happenings in your business.

Will you remain in business?

Also, imagine a scenario where you do not install CCTV camera or hire security personnel for inspecting people entering and living your store.  Furthermore, you decide that safety is not a crucial aspect of your business. So, you do not invest in installing fire extinguishers and even walk home without locking your enterprise doors.

If you can sail safely through those actions, then you do not need to have any concerns over your e-commerce website security. But if that is what you would classify as insanity, security will be of great interest whether you have an online or a brick and mortar store.

 With increasing cases of online fraud, securing your site has become a serious business. So, how can you enhance your e-commerce site security? or how to protect and make your online shopping cart system safer? This article presents you proven ways of improving your site security when running an online business. Here they are:

a) Ensure your software is up to date

As you would replace your padlocks in a physical store, or enhance your CCTV system, the same way, you should do when it comes to the online store. One way of preventing malware and virus attacks (the most- used hacking trends) is by ensuring you are using updated software.

Even though your site is running efficiently, you cannot claim it is secure. Each day fraudsters are developing new ways of attacking e-commerce sites. If you fail to move with the same speed by updating your software, you will be caught up and suffer a blow.

Importantly, ensure you use an e-commerce platform that recommends auto-updates of your website software to ensure your site remains secure.

b) Move your site to a better hosting package

If you want to enhance your e-commerce website security, you need to upgrade your current Hosting Plan. Upgrading offers you additional features that are important in securing your website. 

As you know, a hosting package determines the number of users occupying a specific server. The cheaper the package, the more the websites hosted on it and the opposite is true. Upgrading your hosting moves your website to not only a broader bandwidth and more storage space but also boost your site security. A cheaper hosting is like living in a densely populated area. In this case, if a website owner fails to update their software when a fraudster attacks them, you too will be a victim regardless of using up-to-date software. As such, it is advisable to upgrade your hosting package to avoid such scenario.   

c) Use anti-hacking software

Even with updated software and upgraded hosting packages, there is no guarantee that fraudster will not attack your website. In this regard, having additional security measures cannot be understated.  Use of fraud protection software is one of these measures.

Although many e-commerce platforms come with SSL certificates, it is not enough to guard your e-commerce website against fraudsters, for this reason, having additional fraud protection software such as Website Security Shield and Web Application Firewalls is recommended.

With this software, you can prove to your customers that security is your first concern in your e-commerce business. Also, you build their confidence and trust since they are sure that they are transacting on a secure platform.


In summary, when learning an e-commerce website, your customer security should be a central concern. You should always ensure that the information customers share in your site is secure. This happens through ensuring your software is up-to-date; you have fraud protection software and upgrading your hosting program.

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